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A growing business with a determination to offer reliability, knowledge and the highest quality of services. 

Grantham Gardening was founded in 2020, overcoming the challenges and difficulties that came with the onset of the pandemic. One particular adversity that was highlighted by COVID-19, and felt by so many of us, was a feeling of lonliness. A key factor built into the foundations of the business, was to be a familair and friendly face to those feeling alone, offering a token of companionship during incredibly difficult times. This is an element that we strive to maintain as we grow and develop.



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Owner & Founder

Rory spent the past few years in New York as a Restaurant and Events Director, but was forced to adapt when he found himself without a job after the pandemic caused a shut down of the hospitality industry.

Returning to his family home just outside Grantham, Rory decided to put his practical skills to use and offer up his services in the form of garden maintenance. Rory's family members have been known for being talented gardeners - their knowledge being a combination of self-taught and career based expereince - which Rory has taken full advantage of absorbing.

Although a vast contrast to his usual day-to-day, Rory has found a new passion for the outdoors, alongside a natural talent for all aspects of maintenance. 

He aims to continue growing the business, taking on larger projects and developing his identity as a professional gardener in the Grantham area.