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Matthew Taylor

Sep 21, 2021

Grantham Gardening Business Launched In Lockdown Looks To Expand

A Grantham man who launched a gardening business during the first lockdown is looking to expand following a successful start.

Rory Koper, 23, returned to his village of Foston for his grandfather’s funeral from New York back in March 2020, just before the travel ban to the USA was enforced due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Unable to return to the States, where he was working as a manager at a British-themed restaurant, Rory established Grantham Gardening Services.

Although Rory’s services primarily centre around garden maintenance, he also sees it as an opportunity to offer socialisation from a safe distance that is potentially vital for the mental health of those who are shielding.

Beginning with clients in and around the village of Foston, Rory now covers much of the area surrounding and including Grantham.

He said: “I’ve just spent the last few months expanding my business and growing it, mainly through the website and social media.

“It took off more than I expected, especially in the winter months. I thought things would wind down and get quieter but there still seems to be an abundance of work, which is great.

“I’ve picked up a few contracts for larger businesses like care homes, hotels in the Grantham area which is good.

“Luckily, I’ve managed to find enough work to offer someone full time employment, so I’ve got someone coming on board in February, and if things continue to go well, there might be a possibility of hiring a second person as we go into summer as well.”

As well as expanding the business, Rory has maintained his regular customers that he works for on a frequent basis.

He continued: “Obviously, at the end of last year we thought things were going in the right direction and we probably didn’t think that we’d be in such a strict lockdown at this time of year, so it’s been nice to continue visiting those people and offer them a chat even if it’s for ten minutes whilst I’m doing work for them.

“I think it’s a really positive thing and it’s nice for them to have someone who pops by once a week just to say hello to.

“I think there’s certainly one lady that I visit, who I know her family doesn’t live so close by, so I imagine I’m one of the few people she sees each week which is quite nice to know.”

Rory still hopes to return to his life in New York, but with the ongoing pandemic affecting travel, he thinks he will be around for another year.

In the mean time, he started a crowd-fund for more specialised equipment for the business, such as a ride on lawnmower, leaf blower, chainsaw and hedge trimmer.

The fund-raiser has a target of £1,500 by February 11, and managed to raise £600 in its first three days. You can find out more here:

Rory said:”I was overwhelmed by the initial support from family and friends, raising £600 over the first three days.

“I would be extremely grateful if anyone is able to spare a few pounds to help me on my way to growing my business and providing employment in the local community.”

With the country in a third lockdown, Rory has been able to readjust to the restrictions.

He said: “I think having started the business in a fairly strict lockdown last year, that meant that the practices that I put in place were always Covid-safe, so going into tighter restrictions has been easier to adapt to, as opposed to a business that was started before lockdown.

“My work is contact free and based outside, so, in terms of following government guidelines, it fits in quite well with that.”

To find out more about Rory’s business, visit:

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