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Tracey Davies

Nov 24, 2021

Grantham Journal Business Award Is A ‘Huge Honour And Privilege’ For New Start-Up

The winner of the ‘Best New Start-Up’ award has said it’s huge honour and a privilege to be recognised after only being in business for little over a year.

Rory Koper returned to his village of Foston from New York just before the travel ban to the USA was enforced last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With very little to do during lockdown, Rory launched Grantham Gardening Services, which not only offers general services for people’s backyards, but also allows him to provide company for those isolating, from a safe distance.

As business grew, Rory has been able to expand his one-man team by four.

He added: The business has grown more than I had ever imagined, and I owe this to my amazingly talented team for their continued hard work and support over the past 18 months. It’s a privilege to be recognised.”

Judged by Lesley Pashley of Nettl and Lime, and David O’Brien Business Doctor, both representing Grantham Business Club, they praised Rory on his courage.

On stage at the awards on November 12, David said : “Starting a business takes courage, creativity, and tenacity. Starting one just before, or even during, a pandemic adds an extra level of challenges.

“The winning business spotted an opportunity, created a new business to meet a specific demand, has grown the business rapidly and sustainably, takes into account community and environmental issues, and has clear, ambitious plans for an exciting future.”

Rory is now gearing up to a busy year ahead, adding: “We are anticipating a busy summer season and have plans to take on new team members. A special thanks to friends and family who helped me get on my feet and encouraged me to develop and expand the business.”

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